How Can I Help


We constantly seek new volunteers who wish to be on the Inside Team; however, there are many ways you can be a strong part of the Kairos Prison Ministry, even if you are not able to participate in one of the weekends or do not wish to go inside the prison units. You can volunteer to be on the Outside Team and help to support the Inside Team in the following ways.

  1. PRAYER – The inmate community will be in great need of focused prayer during the weekend.  We will show this commitment prayer by collecting the names of everyone who will sign up for a 1/2 hour of prayer during the weekend, write them on slips of paper, and form them into a “chain” that will surround the room where the weekend takes place.  These 400 ft. “Prayer Chains” are a visual method of showing God’s love to the residents.  Sign up here
  2. LETTERS AND PLACEMATS FROM CHILDREN – Have Sunday School children write brief letters.  We also need placemats on construction size paper for the meals that are prepared and brought into the unit. This special agape wins hearts for the Lord.  Simple finger-painted scenes or handprints are very effective, and one-line notes from small children can sometimes break the toughest shell. Just put the child’s first name and age on the place letter or placemat.
  3. LETTERS – Many of the 42 who are chosen to attend Kairos have never received a letter from anyone while they have been incarcerated.  A brief note is all that is necessary, expressing God’s love.  We need the letters in groups of 42. Have a letter writing party, have your church Sunday school classes write, and then put them in groups of 42. Address the letter to “Dear Brother in Christ”. The children’s letters especially touch their hearts.  Include only the child’s first name and age.  If you can’t write 42 letters, do all you can, and we will combine them with others to make a group.  Letters must be hand written, no photocopies, no tracts or photos.  Do not add stickers or decorations.  Envelopes must be plain and unsealed.
  4. CLOSING CEREMONY- Plan to attend an upcoming Kairos Weekend Closing Ceremony at a nearby unit. It means a lot to the men at Ferguson (Huntsville) and Bartlett (Gatesville) and the women at Hilltop (Gatesville), Mountain View (Gatesville) and Hobby (Marlin) to see free-world Christians who care about them.  Closing Services begin at 2PM on Sunday.

    The “Closing” is the only time during the weekend that the outside community can come inside the jail or prison unit and listen to the 42 residents say what they have gained from being a part of the 4 day event.  You do not have to attend the Four Day Kairos Weekend to attend the Closing.                                                                                                                           Many of the men on the weekend have not had a single visitor in several years and when all these visitors show up it is a final act of agape love that can break the shell of some who have resisted until this point.  It is a very easy way to be in mission to these men.  The men who completed the weekend will be allowed to go to an open mike and tell what the weekend has meant to them. This is a very emotional time, and the presence of the Holy Spirit is very evident. In fact, many people say they have never experienced the work of the Holy Spirit that they see and feel at a Kairos Closing Ceremony.  Come and experience this work of the Spirit yourself, and see the power of God’s love in the lives of men who have never seen such love in their entire lives!  It is powerful to see God move! A Closing Application must be printed and filled out and sent to be approved in order for you to attend the Closing Ceremony.  Contact Us for more information.

  5. COOKIES –  Home Baked cookies are a tangible expression of Christian love and an indication of God’s concern for a group of people who seldom encounter either in the course of their daily lives. On Saturday after lunch, every prisoner and officer is given a bag of one dozen home baked cookies as part of the weekend.  For almost all of the men these cookies are the only home cooked food they will receive while in prison.  Chocolate Chip Cookies are preferred, but we accept others, as long as they are baked with prayer and agape love.  Cookies should be between 2 inches and 2 1/2 inches in diameter and not more than 1/2 inch thick.  It is fine to use prepared dough for the cookies.  Pray and ask God to use your cookies as a source of His love to shine on the prisoners and jail staff.  Pray that each cookie brings the inmate, officer, or warden who eats it closer to our Heavenly Father.Bag the “cooled” cookies in quart-sized Zip Lock Bags, a dozen to a bag.  Please do not use bags that use ‘slides’ as these will not be allowed in the prison.  You may bake 1 dozen or as many as you wish.  We often have groups meet at their church kitchen and bake many dozens of cookies in a fun atmosphere!  If you are planning to bake cookies, call or text us: 210-723-8663.  We will gladly pick up the cookies at your home or church.

  6. FINANCIAL SUPPORT – We have listed money last, because most of the expenses are paid for by team members.  Money is always useful, but no amount of money can buy a single one of those items listed above that are produced in honest prayer.  Some $11,000 is needed for each Kairos Weekend to pay for food, supplies, and kitchen expenses. There is a formal sponsorship program that allows you to pick up the expenses of one of the 42 Candidates (inmates) on the weekend. Sponsors receive a letter from the sponsored Candidate, telling about the weekend, and a photo of the entire group.  We are a 501C3 organization,  so donations are tax deductible.  Make Sponsorship Checks out to Kairos of Texas, Bartlett State Jail and mail to Garry Sjolander at 1216 Amistad Dr, Round Rock, TX 78660