Participant Testimonies


In what spiritual state did you arrive for this Kairos Weekend?

Dumbfounded, lost, hoped for a good experience, burned out, close to giving up, hopelessness, undecided with one foot in and one foot out, curious as to why I was powerless to change my life, my family had given up on me.

What did you find this weekend?

Love, peace, spiritual maturity, guidance, brotherhood, sense of direction, new relationships; I forgave myself and at that instance felt like a new man; for the first time I found inner peace; a place mat made by a 9 year old said “You made a mistake, ask for forgiveness”; I found out that people really do love me; I found Jesus.


What are you taking with you?

New outlook on life, personal relationship with God, able to encourage others through brotherly love, new show of respect for others, peace, the challenge of following a new life; I can trust God to help me through lots of temptations; I now know how to love; I found a new family, and now I know what a real family means; the choices behind me don’t matter – the choices from now on count; I’m going to change my ways and love God more and love others more; new brothers that love me as much as Jesus loves.

Fourth Day Speaker

Do you want to settle for the crumbs of this world, or sit at the banquet table with Jesus Christ?