The Current Weekend


Kairos #26 – April 20-23 2017

Bartlett State Jail
Bartlett, Texas

Leader: Rick Edge
Team Meetings for Kairos #26
  1. Feb 18th – Florence UMC – 302 E. Curry Florence, TX 76527
  2. March 4th St. Johns UMC – 311 E. University Georgetown, TX 78626
  3. March 18 – Belton FUMC – 205 E. Third Ave. Belton, TX 76513
  4. April 8th – St. Johns Lutheran Church – 30650 State Highway 95 Bartlett, TX 76511
  5. April 20th – St. Johns Lutheran Church – 30650 State Highway 95 Bartlett, TX 76511

Trainings 1-4 will take place from 8:30am – 3pm.

The Kairos “Weekend” covers four days – Thursday – Sunday
Up to 42 carefully selected men from the jail or prison inmates (called Candidates) are chosen by the Warden and the Chaplain to attend the weekend, which begins Thursday afternoon and lasts until Sunday afternoon..  Kairos asks that the Candidates be “Prison Leaders”, especially the gang leaders in the unit.  It is a blessing to be able to witness the change of hearts seen in many of these men from Thursday to Sunday.  They enter with suspicion and a feeling of loss.  They leave with the awareness of the love of their Heavenly Father, a committed faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, His death for our forgiveness and His resurrection, giving us the gift of eternal life.  This brings an indwelling of the Holy Spirit and a new birth as a new creation, witnessed by the exhibiting of the Fruit of the Spirit, rather than the works of the flesh (Galatians 5).
The men are assigned to a table family where they will stay for the entire weekend.  Each table consists of three team members (two laymen and a clergy) and six Candidates.  Each Candidate is seated next to a team member.

Each day consists of a series of talks and meditations given by both clergy and laymen.  Each talk is preceded by singing and followed by discussion of the talk and a table project that illustrates the points made in the talk.

The “Inside Team” provides meals cooked by the “Outside Team.”  These are the finest food and meals we can prepare.  They include such favorites as lasagna, barbeque, tamales, hamburgers, “free world” pizza, salads, ice cream, cake, and all the fresh fruit and cookies the Candidates can eat.

The Weekend contains specially timed events designed to encourage the Candidate to make a decision to move into an eternal relationship with his Heavenly Father.